Life Lately

I could perfectly remember the 21st day of May when I was deeply contemplating whether it was wise to continue my study for the academic year (2020-2021) or to stop in the meantime and look for a decent job. As a matter of fact, I used to be so undetermined when it comes to decision… Continue reading Life Lately

Random Blog Entry No. 1

The month of June will end in 13 days. 2020 seems like going on forever. Every single month feels like years. At first, it was absolutely unbelievable. Who on earth would have thought that those normal days we used to spend on something or on someone would dramatically change in an instant. I was completely… Continue reading Random Blog Entry No. 1

Vivid Dream

i had a dream last nightit was perfectly clearyou tapped my shoulderand glanced at meour eyes have metfollow me you whisperedthen you walked out slowlyand so i followed youwalked behind youwatched your footstepsyou’re wearing converseloose gray pantsand white plain shirtwe bought some ice creamcookies&creamstrawberry and vanillait felt so goodweird i knowyou grasped my handyou’re about… Continue reading Vivid Dream